Who can it be now - is it Madcap at the door?

she had been restless throughout the evening, more so than usual. she couldnt concentrate, so she tried to rest for a while. but he got into her dreams and woke her up. in her dream he was strangling him. like all those stories and fairytales, of us and them, one each, joined, like anchors tied round athletic feet. she woke up with a start, in a sweat. she thought she heard him laughing. was it at the window, or in her head? she thought she heard footsteps pacing outside her door. had she dreamt it, or had he finally come? no one can describe that terrible, all consuming, gut wrenching panic, of thinking he's outside the door, of waiting for madcap to raise his hand, and knock. i forget ... was that Toto? same as Africa, i think. getting old.

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