Reading some fiction after ages! Dont remember when I last read so little. This makes my work days feel like party time by comparism. Needed something mindless and trashy. So here goes with an old fav by Harold Robins, Never Love a Stranger. I think that he makes a bit of a stereo type of that character. Mean and Grumpy and Awesome. Awwww ... I love him!

My birthday is coming up and I am excited already! I am going to buy myself one of the following:

Steppenwolf, The end of the affair, Beautiful Mind, Henry and June (the movie), Decalogue (the movie (s)), a new moleskin, some purple ink for my fountain pen. Way my budget is going, probably be the last. Or might even just be KFC! Lol

Been a while since I did a ate an icecream, watched a movie post like this, isnt it? Lol. I really amuse myself ... like I am seperate, watching, and I am so f amused ... the games, the lies, the deceptions, misery, the heartbreak, the euphoria, the blankness, the lazyness, the energy ... Always said I am not at all Scorp-ish, but in this one thing I am ... I vacillate from extreme to extreme, never slowing at the centres. Can be very disconcerting if you're watching. Or amusing. Depending on how much distance you keep. I'd advice lots.

Its raining down an orchestra on the tin roof of the gallery outside my window. So many different surfaces surround this space, the glass, the concrete, the tin ... it makes for beuatiful listening when it rains. And that always reminds me of that
scene (@ first sight) ... which reminds me of him ... and which reminds me of how he played my beloved, beloved James. I didnt see that movie forever bcz I was scared of spoiling it, scared that it would be awful. And then, like these things go, I saw it one day ... and it blew my mind.

The stars hang low and polished after a long nights rain. To paraphrase, I dont want them now.

I'll leave you with a very bad bad bad version of an awesome awesome awesome song by (the version i like is ben harper but i couldnt find it to link) ...

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