we were lounging in the garage and wouldnt you just know it ... i didnt see the wet paint sign and got colour all over my back from the bicycle rack! bright green ... been ages since i did this! forgotten how awful it cud be! so now i'm walking around green trying to look cool and act like i cudnt give a f.f anyway ... u can always pretend its the coolest thing - may even set a trend.

it was a clear night. saw the stars and the dark, dark sky both after so long. over here, usually all u get to see is a mass of swirling clouds. nice, wrapped in cotton wool, insulated feeling. When the clouds move away you get to see the sky. its awesome. but u also feel the cold more, when u do. cuts to the quick, the wind.

we went to a friend's place. wonderful food. its such a nice feeling to just be at home and chill out. but as the numbers go up my feeling of awkwardness usually just grows. perhaps i am just growing into the old bitter misanthropic mould. its worse on me, bcz when i am actually shy or awkward I look like I am being standoffish. Have been told so many times. People get to know me and say oh ur so nice we used to think ur such a snob. which i am, ofcourse, quite bad. god knows. perhaps we're all onions. i must just be watched matrix. walked back all the way. all of 40 mins. i think i had digested all the food by the time we got back!

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