All Time Top 5 Favourite Songs: Of the Top of My Head

Just a personal favourites list. Not going into relative merits of songs or saying they are 'the best'. Disclaimers, here goes with the list. Though right now, I'm tripping on Just Another Lonely Day in a loop. It just says it all. I couldnt find a version online to put up, though I have it on my comp. If anyone can help, let me know. Do check out the song if you can/havent: Its brilliant for the Blue ;)

Incidentally, if anyone's missing the poem that flashed here a while back and dissapeared - Its been moved here

Here's my list, not necessarily in that order:

1. Going to California - Led Zeppelin

Throw Your Arms Around me

2. Baba O'Reilly - The Who's

3. Throw your arms around me: the PJ version

Throw Your Arms Around me

4. Jealous Guy
Throw Your Arms Around me

5. Just Like a Little Girl

I have more Trivia on these and other favourite songs and bands on Its All Happening

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