A Box of Rain

Thought of this song many times - through the day, it got me through. Maybe, you just gotto live through the moment, and the next few. A Box of Rain will help you. And another day, another place, another life, , maybe another you, another me. I will be pretty & good, and you can be pretty good. Its a dead-end, but you can get back out the way you came in. Who should know better than me, how it feels. Love cant be switched on and off. Love cant be recalled. Love cant be set-up and gift wrapped and given away. Or put away. Or that Love doesnt conquer all.

Remember Manhatten? The club and relationships paralell? I think I have a rider. I wouldnt want any club, I like enough to want to be a member off, to be messed up by having members like me ...

I dunno. It wont hurt. Or seem scary. Once you accept it. U just a lonely ugly bastard and noone is ever gonna love you. Or atleast, not anyone u could love back.loads of others will love you. In order to keep ur fine sense of guilt well honed ... I hate you AH!

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