Jhulsata jheth mas, sharad chandni udaas

Had this line in my head all of yesterday. Funny: I just couldnt figure out the significance, in keeping with my theory that the songs that pop up in ur head, do so for a reason.

It was only this morning, as soon as I woke and sat up in bed that it hit me on the head ... wham! Siski bhar savan ka antarghat beet gaya, Ek baras beet gaya, ek baras beet gaya! My sub-consciounce is an ironic genius and super btch.

As soon as I made that connection, the other line of the week was explained too. From fiends are friends forever, 'means a chapter in our lives are through'.

Thats scary! Why these? Why not simply Sleeping on the Sidewalk or even Tere duniya se, or 'I could live like this forever' or 'If only my boss didnt hate my guts'.

Well, nevermind ;)

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