Dead & Gone

I've tried everything,
But you're still dead.

I've tried everything,
But I still cant bear it without.

It's so irreversible, isnt it?
You feel so helpless, dont you?
With time, I suppose, I'll forget,
The sins I sinned against you,
With time, I know, I'll forgive myself,
I always do.
With time, I guess, even memories will fade
And then I'll be, truely bereft

I've tried everything,
But I still cant find you.

I've tried everything,
But there's nothing I can do, except dream of following you.

Day after day, hours pass by
Marked by tears that dont fall.

I dream of you,
Of things we used to do
Of things that we'll do no more
And think of death and dying and the world.

I talk to myself.
Sometimes, in your voice
I know you well.
I know what you'd have said. you were always kind.

U would have told me to get up and move on
U would have said to forgive me
But just one time, if I could see ur sweet smile
And tell you I'm sorry, for killing you
And tell you I loved you. I just never knew
Till you were dead and gone,
And I'd nothing left but the blood in my palms.
And a smidgen of grey dust on a bright red cloth
And memories of a swaying boat and water below
And blue skies above.

I'm sorry I killed you
I want you back. I miss you.
Why did you save my life?

I didnt deserve it
They didnt deserve it
Now without you
There is no light

I'm sorry I killed you
I want you back. I miss you.
I just wish I could have you back.

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