Misty Blue: New take, Old Song

Misty Blue: New take, Old Song

He doesnt love me.
And I do.
So, my whole world's
turned misty blue.

So many years,
lived and lost.
Somehow thought this love,
would change that all.

So I let myself fall,
I let my heart call.
But the echo just bounced off the wall
and faded in the silent hall.

He didnt want to hear.
Though he was looking too.
So my whole world,
turned a misty blue.

Now as I turn away,
my footsteps sway,
let it go, I can hear you say.
Walk away, from where the stillborn dreams lay.

theres only so many times
i could have laid my heart on the table

there were only so many times
i could have walked him by

there were only so many chances
i could have given him, to show his hand

there was only so far i could have walked
then i had to come back to, the misty blue

It was never meant to be
I hear you, and I know its probably true
But just now, I just let it rain
As my whole world turns, misty blue.

The original:

Oh, it's been such a long, long time,
Looks like I get you off my mind,
Oh, but I can't,
Just the thought of you,
Turns my whole world,
A misty blue.

Just the mention of your name,
Turns the flicker to a flame,
I think of things we used to do,
Then my whole world,
Turns misty blue.

I should forget you,
Heaven knows I tried,
But, when I say,
"I'm glad we're through."
My heart knows I've lied."

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