I'm frozen Numb,
Shocked still,
With awe and fear.
Who are you I hold so near?
With such fearsome dreams,
Such extremes,
Such violent thoughts,
Such strange desires,
Who are you,
in my head?
In the mirror,
In my bed?
I who live,
I will die.
I know somehow,
You will survive.
Floating in your shadow form
Across all of time to come.
You're feeding on my very blood.
Floating in a pool of blood.
Mother Father Sister Child
Unknown unseen unmeasured wild.
Who are you that sucks my soul
You'll never let me stay whole.
You who sucks out my breath.
You who haunt me, You who wait.
Lurking in my every shadow
Cold hand poised above my heart.
Teasing, Taunting, Tempting
Luring, Calling, Distracting.
Letting me know silently
Once it falls it'll be the end.
In an instant my heart will freeze
In a moment I will freeze
I flash it will pass
Time, life, the world, and I

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