wicked world

i actually thought it would be a good thing, when i found out. anyway it wasnt going anywhere or going to. u weere clearly annoyed that i was bothering you, with my much unwanted heart, flaunted bright and wistful, on my sleeve. do u know how many others would have liked to have it? but i guess so it goes ...

so i was saying, i thought it would be a good thing. some space, some times off. some room for me to pick up the pieces of myself from the floor and get my act together. by the time you got back, i thought, i'd really show you what act cool could be. you'd never get a chance to smile your forced half smiles at me again. or give me those irritated wtf air -

but its hardly begun and its already unbearable. i think its better to have you in the house and hating me than so severly outofreach. i can .live with ur dislike and irritation, i have decided, as long as its coming from somewhere close. come back

u r the last muse. this old weary heart flies, one last time, and it knows it wont love dance again, not bcz of how great ur love was, but simply bcz its time is up.

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