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Drifted off to sleep on the floor last night with the paper I was reading open in my hand. When I woke up, I was in front of the window. It wasnt very cold but the air felt fresh and brisk. When I opened my eyes and looked out, it was snowing. The air was full of snowflakes and the ground was covered with snow.

Big plans for today. Long list of work to be done, and the house has to be cleaned, hundreds of accounts have to be closed, direct debits cancelled, people contacted, plus ... loads to be done at work. Cant carry my books, music & movies - have to find a way to ship them or something. Have to do the shopping. Have tonnes of food from home and herbs & spices and stuff that I'm gonna have to throw away. Have to sell my TV and my DVD player and my coffee maker and stuff like that. Have to find new homes for my plants. Dmn - I hate moving.

But for now, I just sit on the floor and sip my coffee and look at the white world outside. Its spring and we should turn up our faces to fresh wet air and birdsong, not soft, furry, flakes twirling as they dance down.

Just read this. Go check it out & tell me what you think if you like - curious about how people react to this sort of thing.

The Chorus (Les Choristes): a French film directed by Christophe Barratier and written by Christophe Barratier and Philippe Lopes-Curval. It had Jacques Perrin playing the older Pierre Morhange, echoing his role in Cinema Paradiso as a grown up Toto. I dont know which one I loved more. Its a beautiful movie. Catch it if you can.

Also, saw Maurice, brilliant start, then it fizzled off.

I've had the worst Monday in ages - a more comprehensive version of a bad hair day - one of those when you think you should've just stayed in bed!

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