Of Lizards and Fish

Its that time of the year again, when I gather around all my fishy friends! In 30 years I havent met one piscean that I have not hit it off with, or atleast liked more than average. Most of Astrology is pretty fanciful, I think, but Scorio-Pisces magic bit makes me think there might be something in it. I always think of the line that starts of the Linda Goodman section on Scorps & Pisceans: 'Spirit that haunts the blue lagoon, dost thou hear me? Ofcourse she does'.

There are a lot of Fish in the Lizards aquarium. The Lizards talk to the Voices and the Voices talk to the Fish. Dont ever underestimate a fish bcz she looks sweet and feminine. They can sting as bad as the scorpions. They have tempers that can make you shiver in your shoes, and worst of all, they can swim underwater and you will never reach them unless they want you to. They have unshakeable resolve and irresistable charm. However practical & worldly a disguise they might wear, they are at heart the same soul as poets, wastrels and rebels. Those born to weave pretty dreams, wax lyrical, paint haunting pictures with their words, charm everyone in sight and do little else.

You'd also see the magic between lizards themselves, though it does not show between all of them, and its probably too dark to be called 'magic'. As an old friend, a fellow scorp, the closest I have gotten to one ever had said, 'people play games with each other all the time, but when two real scorps get together, to play love or war, its like being caught in a fight-to-death match between 2 grandmasters, at a elegent dinner party'. Their smiles are at times so casually suave, you can hardly tell they are fencing. Sometimes their smiles are so gliterring cold, you feel like they would kill or die, just for the fun of it, for the thrill of it, they'd risk all for the thrill. And what a thrill it was. I think scorps have an obsession with controlling the huge surging power of 'something' in them, taming it, harnessing it, appearing 'just like everybody else' ... but they are not. And it takes a fish to remind them of it and another lizard to make them forget the war with themselves.

Never let a scorp tell u he is not judgemental: thats all they are 24/7. They judge everything and everyone, specially everyone, for value. Their comes that exact moment in time when a Scorp decides ur 'value' isnt enough in his unique, individual value system. Their comes that point when he will decide that ur worthy, and you'll feel it, you'll glow. Or there comes that point when he will decide your not worth it, and u'll die for him, then and there. if ur lucky.

But then in daylight, I think this is all astrological hogwash. Their are no 'Signs' of Giants and Signs of Dreamers, mystically tied by unknown threads. In this modern day of falling myths, legends and crumbling pedestials, we will soon have only 1 gods left worth looking upto: Www.Google.Com!

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