Dusk to Dawn

Open ur arms
Make a little room
Hold me
Heal me
Can you?

Close your eyes
Close your mind
Close your heart
Become me
Can you?

Lets run away ...

Originally uploaded by prerona.

Lets run away
To the dessert or the sea
Somewhere on some rocky beach
Bleak, grey,
Pretty, stark

Where the wind blows cool and wet
And something makes a strange, howling sound

Somewhere where we'll be alone
Cut off from everything and everyone

We'll pretend
There's life and meaning and maybe even love

For a while we'll forget
That every thought is chemical

We'll talk, deep into the night
We'll laugh like friends
And cry and we'll sing

I'll tell you stories from places I've been
I'll show you pictures i carry within

I'll introduce you to people I've known
A rainbow of souls held held within

I'll show you things
You couldnt have dreamed

Bring your guitar ...
I'll bring my thoughts and dreams

and my crazy silly whims
and crazy silly me

You can make long islands
I'll make nice things to eat

I'll read you some byron,
In the moonlight

And you'll quietly smile
At how caught up I am

I'll play you James Douglas,
my eternal reasonless love

And you can sigh
And pretend you dont envy him

We can dance in the moonlight
and run in the breaking waves

Come away with me,
to my island in the sea

Where my magic burns
from where there's no return ...

You will need to be brave
and very strong
and very hard,
to make the leap
can you?

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  1. man.... this is really awesome.... and it reads even better if ur listening to animal instinct simultaneously...:)