SinCity and it was just what i expected: magnificient. up there with henry and june in lyrical visual poetry. Also seen this weekend: A Bout De Souffle (yes, yet again), Impromptu and The Jack Bull. Did you like Chopin far better before? A little, perhaps. Why do I keep watching Patricia? Like Maggie (Mill on the Floss), I think she holds a clue, to something imp but i am not sure what. Its one of those movies you wish you could spend you life studying, and which makes all the rest of life seem like a mere distraction. And then they go and copy it in such a heartless (and breatless?) way - makes u wanna cry.

There are 3 figures in literature that have always fascinated me: Maggie, from the Mill on the Floss, Patricia from À bout de souffle and Florentyna from the Thornbirds.

There's that niggling irritating feeling when you have a few words from a song in your head all day but cant remember it. Found it in the 'evening' (got home at 10PM had left at 6AM) - from an old Kishore Kumar - Anmol Ratan Vol 13 cassette which I have been carrying with me for the last 10 years or so, but rarely listen to anymore, cz I am so much weaker now. The same reason I can not listen to Rang Barse, or read Anne Karennina. Also found 'Khafa Hun' which would make a nice OST to my life, right now, incidentally.

When we are younger, we have poke-the-tooth fascination with pain. As we grow older, or maybe as the pain grows, the mesmerised awe fades. It numbs and fades and spreads to every hour, every day.

Our ghosts, our phantom friends, grow bigger, better and stronger. Our 'voices' grow fainter, and more consistent. The minute you stop distracting yourself with play, they creep up and smile and whisper in your ear, "Hello. Remember Me? Remember You? Who you are? Where you come from? Where you're going? Where you belong? 'When you were young'? How far have you come? Who have you become? Remember, how frail you are inside? Remember the you that you hide?" Okay, this should ideally move to verse! Reminds me of this, one of my favourite amongst my own ;)

I think I am growing too old for these marathon 11 hour work days. And topped with French class at the end of it. Killer.

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