What you mean to me:

how potent can a question be?
what do you mean to me ...

since i cant say the forbidden words
that i love you, more than love

since i must look away
whenever you look that way

since i cant hold you close
as gently as the moon shine flows

since i cant look in your eyes
and let you see all my lows and highs

since we must sparr from afar
since i'll never have your heart

since time and again i must learn to bear
the irony of having you near

since you must dance so close to me
since you so love to remind me

of everything that can never be
of everything that must never be

of everything you wouldnt take
of everything from which you walked away

since i cant bear halfmeasures
since i am not strong enough

to dance so close and know
tonight we cant make love

since you and fate will never cease
my love, to haunt and tease

for all these reasons that will always be
i can never tell you what you mean to me

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