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if my relationship with relationships and friendship, can be compared to that of an drug abuser to drugs, then i had gotten over my withdrawal and was 'clean' for a long long time. Now this last blast from the past - big exposure - has had me relapsing again. struggling. but will over come. i will be a rock yet

funny, the gaping divides btw what u r and what u want to be. i hate being out of control of myself - laughing, crying, talking too - too loudly. being over friendly. shopping. working. everything.

wtf. who cares. i'm in a strange f mood. my version of a hangover i guess. i hate drinking cz i feel really guilty the next day.

i hate getting carried away. which is tough if ur me ... i'm carried away all the time. but i feel like such a fool after.

abt liking someone - whats that elusive something left behind when you add up affection, attraction, attachment, admiration, ambition, adoration ... and take it away from the whole. thats what i was looking for. and its hard to move away from. but then, who said it wud be easy - this thing called life

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