A Prayer For the Dying

grief can be so physical
thats when grief becomes pain
a sob. muffled. a cry. strangled
murdered. all
tears fall - wet and warm
i watch the veins where runs ur blood
spill u bloody coward blood
stop u shameless greedy heart
i want to scream, loud and true
a scream to turn the whole world blue
my soul escaping from my lungs
a scream to bring the whole world still
i want an axe. i want to kill
i want to burn the whole world down
just like i promised u
and i laugh. just like u laughed
i'm going mad
take me with you
i hate the world
with all this life
how dare they live when u are gone
dogs. each and everyone
how can i live when you are gone
traitor heart, traitor blood

the moon has risen
silver and slim
the snow is melting
little clumps remain
the streets are shining
the wind is blowing

its a beautiful world ...
wont you please return?

night has come
i'm all alone
the bed is cold and full of thorns
outside float voices of the living
mothers call. children laugh
i'm all alone
you wont return.

i am incomplete
my time's not done
i have to wait for years and years
till the time i am happy here
my time wont come
you wont call
one way or another u'll break my heart
and till then, u wont return

In the dark,
I hold out my hand
you used to hold it till i drifted off
always. till i went off
in the dark my hand slowly freezes
you wont even hold my hand
i'm all alone in the dark
its all quiet in the dark

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