works done. deadlines over. now i'm bored ...

Randomly surfing you tube came across this. Its the cutest and funniest Hindi movie I have seen sinc Bluffmaster! I love it!

and reading old posts from this blog before i moved out and moved back in. all the way back, from when i was in texas! Here's one: where does this road lead

And I loved this on rimi's blog!

Which Positive Quality Are You?
Your Result: Charity

You are Charity. The spirit of giving has been promoted by every religion. Charity is kindness. It is compassion for our fellow man. Charity doesn't ask anything in return, and in this way it serves as the opposite of greed. "Be charitable with many."

Which Positive Quality Are You?

What color are you?
Your Result: Pink

You are pink! You are girly and though you may not like to show it, it shines through all the same. If you are a guy then...well, you're gay. You are a happy person who likes to make others happy. Smiling is your favorite thing to do.

What color are you?
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what Kinda Guy Is YOUR type?
Your Result: Cocky Guy

a guy that could care less what you think or care less about your feelings. One that would rather hang with the guys and treat you like your second best. hes there but only when he wants to mess around or get laid. So if this is your type.....good luck....

Pretty Boys
Kick/Country Boy
what Kinda Guy Is YOUR type?
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I feel like going somewhere - very much
just random'ly
the way we would when we were kids
or rather parents would and we'd tag along
people would have come for dinner
and they'd be sitting and chatting over dessert
and suddenly get up and decide to drive off somewhere for the weekend
most of the times, i enjoy the sanity and peace of the being
the boring and straitlaced person i am
but once in a while i miss the madness of my childhood
growing up with my mad gypsy parents


  1. Compliments on your new look. Much more cheerful than a foreboding black.

  2. Hi,Prero.Will check out the youtube video.Nice memory on driving off into the wild with parents.:)Impulsive actions are always so much fun...incidentally,u're 'boring and straitlaced'?I cannot believe it.:)

  3. hey...i like your blog's new look...your post took me back to the family temple visits back in the past...(nothing gypsy about it, but looking back, those trips were good too)...

  4. Hi Pre!! Been awhile!! Interesting tubals playing...and ya know, young is always good and security of days past!
    And the journey forward even as every hour turns back fast has many untraveled roads waiting to become memories!!
    Nice writing as usual Pre!!
    Take care,

  5. you're back on yay!!!

  6. Awww, you don't deserve a cocky guy! You need a poet :)

    These are fun quizzes, I will see how I come out.

  7. OK this is my kinda guy:

    Pretty Boy:
    if this is your type you like and want a guy that is well rounded. knows what he wants and isn't rude 0r mean. he is a guy that you would feel comfortable bringing home to mom. someone that cares about your feelings and one that you know that you will one day marry.

  8. was struggling to leave a comment here :(

    page errors.

    You enjoyed Neal N Nikki? *yikes* bad bad movie .. totally bad!

  9. Prometheus_Unbound, lol! Sorry
    dear - I am back on black. Foreboding? Its just classy. Like black BMW's, the little black dress, shiny black hair, men in black suits and ties ... it suits my tastes. Simple, Formal, Dark, Distant, Classy ... ;)

    AmitL, yes impulsive actions are fun! :)

    Frissko, thank you! :D
    Yeah! Reminiscing on old times is always fun :)

    Peggie!!! Yes it HAS been awhile! Where've you been? :)

    Security? Does the past necessarily associate with security? I dont think it has to, or indeed, does for everyone

    Thanks :)

    Dreamcatcher, YaY!!!

    Olivia, lol. Love the way you jump to conclusions about someone you dont know from Adam, woman ;) I'd hate the poet type. Would find him too pansy. I'd rather have my insensitive alpha male type, pls. I can write enough poetry for the 2 of us, ;)

    Pretty Boy is cute! Did you find him yet! LOL.

    San, why were you struggling to leave a comment here? What error did you get?

    Yes I loved Neal N Nikki! Thanks :)

    San, grow up. Everything you dont like doesnt have to be crap. U can like or dislike something. Different people have different tastes. If I think cricket and gym suck, that doesnt have to mean its bad. Its just that I as a person dont like it. You need to accomadate the different types of people in the world, and their different opinions ;)

  10. first time on your blog via san's blog. lovely background song (pkse06.mp3)

  11. eh, not really an assumption. But it isn't fair that an Alpha male would have no considerations for your feelings. Then you'd start writing poetry for three!

    So really, what about a scholar or a musician?

  12. Raj, thanks! welcome here and thanks for dropping by :)

    Olivia, why three?

  13. Olivia, I was just kidding, relax :)

  14. just came across this while surfing randomly - your cutest movie is awesome when viewed with the sound off and the subtitles just on - just check it out in that mode - satisfaction guaranteed!!!!!!!! BTW - the movied was really screwed up.

  15. Olivia, :)

    Mojo Rising, thanks for your visit!
    I'm sorry you didnt like the movie. I had great fun watching. :)

  16. naheee! that moron uday chopra with lipstick, and tanisha with clothes from her childhood !! naughty girl, what have you been smoking?! :D