madcap returns

i'm so happy i could die
madcap is back, for a while ...

everytime you do that thing you do,
i want to stop the clock.

and stay here for eternity
in this sweet uncertainity.

where every little clue,
is loaded with fertility.

what is wrong with me?
i never dreamt so optimitically

time never danced around like this,
the world never diminished.

the hands on the clock
and my heart,

hold hands
and stop still

this like the dream
or a prelude

could life be so happy?
its bizzare! i never thought ...

other people act like this!
childish rush of wind and song

me, the sane and sensible!
atleast, in matters of this sort ...

where is my bitter, pessimistic heart?
should i tell myself, it will pass, or wait for the day to start ...


  1. madcap is an idea, a dream, a wish, a pursuit, an ambition, an end ... or just an idle curiousity ... even i dont know. madcap is some large part of what the ricercar, the seeker, seeks.

  2. :and stay here for eternity
    in this sweet uncertainity." -- this line's so cool...

  3. I thought as much...that madcap stood for some dream/idea/wish..:)And,ur answer in the comments confirmed it.Quite liked the 'bitter,pessimistic heart' bit,though,I'd love to see something ending with 'happy,optimistic heart' too, one of these days.:)TC.

  4. Jerry, Thank you! lol :)

    AmitL, :) glad you liked it!

  5. Ricercar:

    I am so glad to read work like this. I was just complaining, a few days ago, how most art is inspired by pain. (not entirely true though)

  6. Ricercar:

    Balance! You're right.
    It is quite difficult to attain in, pretty much, any aspect of life.

  7. You are right! So, I have been trying to tell myself that the way to the right balance is a journey, not a destination ... i dont like middle paths so i touch every extreme like a swinging balance :D

  8. Isn't it gratifying to realise what it is you seek ..:)

  9. do we ever know what we seek?
    catch me a dream ...

  10. didnt find your email address any where on the blog.