Its a beautiful day ...

And I have nothing to say ...
Maybe the postman came (ref: queen. courtsey reader complaint)

But I just stayed away from home
So I dont know what he delivered

I dont wanna know
Arent ostrichs pretty animals?

I'm tired of the "out there" (ref: withheld)
But, what do I do. Why am I laughing? Life is such a joke

Went for a walk early this morning, and ended up here.
Came back and had a lot of work but sat there and listened to Pandora for a tiny while ... listening to wish you were here, again.

the nice thing about having B here is she makes me miss b just a little less. We almost dont talk in full sentennces anymore. and she too can cope with the jumping wildy random topics. multithreading. and the bizzarre obscure little things that worry excite sadden us ... which it would be so hard to share otherwise. we went for lunch at a little italian-ish place. awesome food. expensive, by my meagre standards. but the best part was the talkathon.

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