deep in the forest,
there was a lake
noone goes there
much anyway
the water danced
and the light on the water
and the wind,
laughed merrily away

i was sitting by the lake
resting on a rock
on the shore
collecting the evening as it fell
i was waiting, for dusk to fall
i was tired, and i wanted my bed

i was sitting by the lake
with the body in my lap
i was waiting for the birds to be done
there were still many parts left
the eyes, the hands, the heart

i was sitting by the lake
when he swooped down
silent and huge and dark
i was a little afriad, when he settled down
what if he hadnt been a bird?

i was sitting by the lake
when he started to laugh
an otherworldly birdlike sound
from the sky, his bird friends flew down
and together they all laughed

birds of a feather stick together
men, with men and dreams
here by the lake
no men, no birds
nor day, nor dusk, all still

if i could speak in bird,
if i could be like him
i could fly away
and not stay here in the dark

but then, i would never know
the world of the night
the water. the worlds in it
the deep. the dark. the fathomless.

the sky sparkles
reflected in the lake
tempts. seduces. mocks,
with its brightness

do i want to stay, or do i want to go?
do i want to fly?
do i want to drown?
how do you know what you want?

how would you know if you loved someone?
so many worlds
you can pick only one to live in
so many lives. but you can have only one

but there are so many dreams you dream
and knowing all the while that you're asleep
cut cords with waking reality
is there a waking reality?

how would you ever know?
how could you not wonder?
how can you be satisfied?
how can you not be dying to know?

i was sitting by the lake
when night fell
i was cold, i was scared, i was alone
he was raven. he was dark. his breath smelt of dead flesh
but accidental, his feather brushed my face
for a moment, i was not scared


  1. there really such a place?

  2. WOW! that's what I thought when I read that..stumbled upon your blog through san's.. very nice.. will frequent more. Cheers

  3. Lovely poem,Prero...where is this lake-in Edinburgh?:)

  4. Jerry, thank you! "is there really such a place?" ... what do you think (from the verse)?

    SBK, thank you! will look fwd to seeing you more :)

    AmitL, thank you! "where is this lake?" ... in my head :)

  5. I am guessing 'Improptu' and I am wondering if YOU are at all satisfied with this?

  6. E, yes everything i write is impromptu. that my style ;0)

    "I am wondering if YOU are at all satisfied with this?"

    why would i have written it if i were not satisfied with it. lol. who do u think i am writing to pls here? you? lol.

    just kidding.

    yes i am v satisfied. thanks for wondering

  7. Well then there is nothing more to be said is there? Svayantsukhay is probably the best policy. Best with your writing :)

  8. Hey :) I found this was really gripping. I particularly like this line, as very touching.

    "collecting the evening as it fell"

    Makes me wanna write again :)

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was pleased to find a few good gems in there. As Alexis mentioned, I liked that line and "how do you know what you want?" You write well. :-)

  10. "so many worlds
    you can pick only one to live in
    so many lives. but you can have only one"

    reminds me of the Unbearable lightness of being...

  11. makes me sad at times ... that fact that you can pick only one! i want so many!

  12. Cherie!, Svayantsukhay? dunno sankrit - didnt get ur comment? :(

    Alexis, :D ThankU
    so write! whats stopping you ...
    lol. that why i am called "inspiration" lol (thats what my name means in my language ;))

    Eroteme, thank you! "how do you know what you want?" ... do you know the answer?

  13. When did I ever have answers to anything (right from the days of my exams!)? Probably a post on my blog might interest you... ;-)