When Harry met Sally

Saw it again after a long time. Like some people, I never really 'get' that movie. I dont know why I keep going back to it. Everytime I do, I think I got it, and then it changes again :)

I like the movie, till the point that they decide to get together. I find that really weird. Just like doctors. How can you suddenly switch status with a friend? a best friend! Does that mean you never were really friends all along?

But philosophy aside, I love the sense of humour and I do love their friendship. Its sweet the way they talk to eachother every night. Its comforting how they are so comfortable with eachother inspite of being so different. I love the funny moments. I like the sweet bits too. Corny, but sweet ... "when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

And I love the whole soundtrack, but "it had to be you" is my favourite. Ever since Rahul first played it to me, driving to austin, while telling me his story. There are 3 songs that froze with some memories of that wonderful weekend, and this was one of them.

and while we are on the topic, this used to be my favourite christmas song:


  1. I was slightly disappointed with the movie -- because I thought someone was going to prove the girls and guys can never be friends theory wrong. I love how Meg Ryan is loony and I totally identify with the way she takes 45 min to order a sandwich..and yes lovely, lovely song :)

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  3. me too. something slightly dissapointed me in the movie. i am not sure what.

  4. Maybe I will "get" that movie when I am 40...funny how it is totally part of popular culture for 30-somethings.

    Those are chilled songs. I never heard the 3rd one before. Who is the singer?

  5. i remember liking 'When Harry met sally' (my fav scene was Meg Ryan making orgasmic noises at a restaurant, trying to prove women can fake them..loved it for it's shock value)..loved 'Doctors' as well..

    and i do totally relate to the idea of long time friends ending up together..i find it quite natural...