Jet lagged: Dazed and Confused

Jet lagged: Dazed and Confused
Magic Wednesday: Suddenly there's magic, in the air ... I'm back. With a Bang. Its raining, the worlds wet, shining and silver. These old stones streets, polished, glimmering, stoic, but smiling ... always there, always standing, always steady ... lending perspective, holding you up, to a cerullean, rain drenched, sweetly smiling evening sky. Song in my head: #1 Crush

Lise has put up tips for anyone learning French and the first one looks very good.

One fantastic post by 'Ph' over here - Please do read!

I'm too dazed still to write anew, so here are some old posts i found and liked today: feeling groovy, pune plus, whole lotta roses & an old favourite

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