What do you think? Cant think at all!

what do you do when a dream comes true: rubaru? if ur like me, ur just to dumbstruck to do anything for a while, and then u get so excited that you gaggle like a turkey and blow it up in ur face.

at the end of a string of nasty, mean, grouchy days, came one of stalled winds. the kind when ur tired of bad weather, and just stop feeling anything. then suddenly, the sun came out. slowly. reluctantly. brightly. and the sun went to bed glowing.

why do we dream? why do we dream such impossible dreams? impossible, but sticky. stubborn. strong. pulling us out of realities weak hold and sweeping us up and away.
ready for the fall.

met the hare krishna lady again. gave her 2 pounds. she gave me 2 books. how to be krishna conscious, in 5 easy steps. or something like that. i am still reading 'a suitable boy'. and still outta anything interesting to say. Saw to amazing movies: Terms of Endearment and 84 Charring Cross Road. I love my him (Anthony Hopkins), so I love any movie with him in it, but this one was really brilliant. I really loved it.

Listening to INXS: 'I need you tonight'

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