I hate weekends

I was miserable since Friday evening: not sad kind of miserable, but the bored kind. It feels good to be out of the heat and back in the cold, otherwise, I just miss home so much. The silnce is good, but I miss Pogie and Rahul and Hamza yelling all over the place. I miss suddenly bangings on my window in the middle of the night and 'little soned heads' grinning and yelling Pogie-Sister. I miss Rahul and his Pogie world ... pogie, pogie sister, pogie mummy, pogie daddy. I miss Hamza and how I kept trying to figure out why he looked familiar, and then realised just before I left, that I had met him last trip as well. Miss Chatts calling and cribbing about work and her boss from hell. I miss Juls calling and praising everything. I miss Adits inertness. I miss the food. I miss Mommy and I miss Dadda. I miss sitting at Shamiana for hours, drinking endless beer and Nimbu Pani while we waited for him to finish playing. I even miss hearing how his game went. I even miss Mommy cribbing about the whole family and world and how they're out to get her. I even miss Pogie and Rahul and Hamza fighting like 10 yr olds and trying to remind them they r almost out of college. LOL. I think I'm glad to be back.

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