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It never rains, but it pours! I have been 'invited' to Germany, in March, by my father; Bordeaux, anytime after March, by Ruma Di; and Rome and Venice, by Sandeepa, for Easter Break. I usually go to my Dad's place, Dubai, for Easter Break, so I dont know how this will work. Lets see. Pretty expensive, all those tickets and visa's and pretty painful, all that planning!

I'm worried about my download limit. Its 6GB but I am always conneted - about 24 hours and day and my Lime Wire is always in action. I just hope this doesnt turn out like my cell phone bill, which is on a 20 GBP plan but never bills me below 100 and I just 'cant see' how to bring it back. I'm just not able to cut down on some things, whereas I can cut down on shopping (which I hate anyway) and Grocery shopping quite easily! Whereas, I spent 90 mins with Barbie calling direct from first the home line and then my cell! But then, it was one of those family emergencies, where you dont give a flying f abt the cost, or cant.

In theory, I like everyone, and want them happy. It gives me a high of a kind, I like seeing people happy. Up close and personal, they give me the disgust, sooner or later. Does solitary confinement play stolkhom with your brain?

I read somewhere today, about Love and Madness. Soon human feeling will have been pinned to a nerve. Every thought, trait and charecteristice, traced to a gene, current or circuit. God be willing, I might even be in the huge mass of people doing it. Then why, am I so scared? Are You listening? Are You even for real? If not, do I want to know? Remember that part from Atlas Shrugged, where they say that you are just a mass of chemicals and cells, and the feeling of outrage? Is it true?

Its a cold cold week! The forecast for today is 3°C day & 0°C night, and tomorrows is 3°C & -1°C. I skipped my morning run today. Will do a session in the gym to make up. Been watching a lot fo South Park, lately. Song of the moment Misunderstood. Incidentally, this is one of those posts that will probably dissapear in a while :)

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