Some kind of record

I hate weekends. Felt dmn pssd off on Friday, hence. Got in some food from Palkhi. Lamb Madras and Roti and sulked, ate and called home. Watched Henry and June again.

Saturday, called home, cleaned house, read Suitable Boy, ate some of the Lamb from day before. Chatted with Sandeepa. Deep lethargy. Didnt feel like getting online, or watching movies. So read and slept.

Sunday woke up at 5 and went to the Silverknowes Beach with Sandeepa. It was beautiful, we stayed there a while and got back around 11 bcz I was very cold bcz I forgot to where socks and take a jacket.

Then we loafed at Harvey Nichols and then went and ate some KFC. Neither of us had cash so we had to go hunting for an ATM. As I dont even have money in the bank (sal not come in yet) she had to take out the money. Ate loads of KFC. Then came home. Slept some. Read Suitable Boy. Watched Terms of Endearment & Insider - liked the former a lot. Read some more and dozed off at 2-ish

Thought about a lot of stuff over the weekend, work-wise, life-wise, world-wise but its not the kind of stuff I would like to share with my blog, so I'm basically pretty out of anything else to say. Incidentally, this post probably wont be up for long. I just felt that I had to make some polite conversation ;0) but if you want to read something better, 2 really awesome posts, read these:

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