Edinburgh, Again. Jet lagged: Dazed and Confused

Magic Wednesday: Suddenly there's magic, in the air ... I'm back. With a Bang. Its raining, the worlds wet, shining and silver. These old stones streets, polished, glimmering, stoic, but smiling ... always there, always standing, always steady ... lending perspective, holding you up, to a cerullean, rain drenched, sweetly smiling evening sky. Song in my head: #1 Crush ... I think I have a crush on this city :)

Now I'm back. 3 weeks flew. So much happened. So much to say! The words are sticky and I cant get them out, or even find them. Here, its cold and dark and wet. And very very quiet, alone in that house.

Mom claims I spent it all at Roxy. Tollys in the sun watching dad play golf while we wolf endless grub and bear, Roxy at night with Juls, Chatts. Catch up with Ad after work everynight that I could threaten, beg, bargain him into coming over, 15 Park Avenue, cuddling into the Big Bed with Mommy in her room everynight (after loads of emotional blackmail) and then running away when she starts to snore, SPE - Hip Pocket - playing Baba O Reilly and the Hot Hot Hot Georgies Uncle, Early Morning to Early Evening sessions watching Shiv Kumar Sharma at Ram Krishna Mission, a mini blog meet, last minute errands - snaps of Park Street by night, 'chhele dekha's, 'chhele dhhora's, drives down RajarHat, lots of sisterly bonding, Long Island Ice Teas with Guava Juice (Fantasy Island), rose aylmer in the night, some shopping, being wowed by the new Office, being wowed by Rimi & Teleute & Ani (Very very cute kids), and even more bonding with Barbie, Rahul & Hamza, Hosting dad's birthday, a wedding, the big crush, an all night steamer party, meeting an old ghost after years and laying to rest a new ghost: tribeni, mid river, a swaying boat, shadows of mommy and barbie, standing a little way away, unreachable, and the water rushing up to meet us: me and you, a spider web in grey and red ... i'll never let you go. For 3 long, fleeting weeks, u r 'barra baby', didibhai, di, bebu, pogie-sister, motu, pre, prero, fatts, mummy, baby, sweets ... then with a thud ur back to plain old Prerona again: nobody's nobody, the Rock (with my books, and my music, and my poetry around me)

I'm still dazed from my journey. Hopefully, will write more once I'm sorted. Had to leave the Suitable Boy behind. Bought Shalimar (the clown) instead at the airport. Unexpectedly good, though like Marquez & Morrisson, I dont like the style and find it very hard to read. I tend to skim through most of it looking for the gist of things. Too ornate ...

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