Your life is changing, and so is your style. You're a sign with definite ideas about who you are, so this is not easy to accept at first. But as you see different things in the world, your mode of presentation changes.

Imagine that you had a doppelganger. No, not an evil one, but a totally fearless double, one who was willing to push past all the doubts and anxieties and act anyway. Could you actually be your own best example?

My horoscope keeps telling me strange things. And my Uni, stranger.
For a moment it really feels like life is changing, like I am changing.
Is this really me? Then, the old fears, doubts and ghosts come back again.
And old losses. Aches in phantom limbs.
I was sitting in the back seat of the car, on the way from Jebel Ali to Mall of Emirates, thinking of such things and letting old ghosts go ... when a nusrat fateh ali khan show on radio sung this song "tum kab pardes se wapas ayoge, main ghut ghut mar jayunga, phir kisko jaan kahoge" ... musical irony


  1. 'Aches in phantom limbs'

    Nice expression...i'd like to think that i am my fearless double (with a generous dose of doubt!)...:) for the irony..

  2. brr!! that horoscope is more objective than you think!!

  3. There is no such thing as change...so you are in the sandlands?

  4. Ummm gratisgab...we always revert to the 'true' state, rest of it is an illusion. My opinion. So the statement should have been we never change , change is an illusion. Well Pre your being in the UAE solves the midnight visitor from ETC to blog mystery at least *smile*