That's where, I wanna be ...

Little friends at Maneybhanjan
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On the way up to Rammam
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Lone house on the way up to Rammam
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View from Rammam
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View from Maneybhanjan
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Donket trail from Siri Kola
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Loving you
The way I do
Every now and then
You creep up on my mind
And make me miss you
So much
My heart just implodes
For a little while
Wanna be there again
Right inside you
Its been so long
Dunno when we'll meet again
And you're not even mine
Wish you were, or no ...
Its more magic this fleeting way
I dont wanna drag you
Down to reality
But sometimes, its hard to be wise
And grown up, and
I miss you

And I'm coming back in December ...
To see your pale face blush
To smile at your wild wild ways
To bask in your stillness
To sit on your lonely mossy bridges
To watch you twinkling, bedecked, bedazzling
And still so clean and pure
To hear your little bells
You pure joy. Your clean laughter
Your simplicity
To feel your skies fall down on me
Every night

I'm coming back one more time
Bcz you've been on my mind

Found some other nice rammam pics on flickr. They're in my favourites


  1. Where's Ramam?

    and congratulations on finding a new obsession. Would have missed your posts.

  2. That poem really touched my heart! Perhaps it spoke for me all the time :)

    Great pics, Prerona... do keep posting more of them

  3. ya whr is ramam ?? and no i have not forgotten you .. you dont remember me anymore :((

  4. Liked the pictures. Nice.

  5. Prometheus_Unbound, i dont think i got that so wont try to reply

    Sudipta Chatterjee, thanks.

    Sanguine, I have!!! Yeah right!

    Cherie! thanks!

    Shreemoyee, good for you! :)