when i logged in i was offered the option to switch to beta - itching to try it out but when i clicked it, it said i couldnt. damn!

i desperately want to sort out the half million blogs, delete a million crappy posts and collect the rest in one place.

sometimes there's no time, and at others there's no resources. the net just barely works here. and i dont have much net time. hmmm ...

got into a raging fight with the bmi lady at check in. there's this lady (?) called emma i always get into a fight with. have done once before as well. she's a real nasty one. i hate flying now with all the hassles they keep dreaming up everyday.

its fun to be home though. getting (even more) fattened up with a non stop supply of goodies from the excellent and awesome bahadur singh, god bless him!


  1. hey I love this blog- but can't we leave comments on the other one too- saw some amazing stuff on it..are you going home this winter?? hope all is well...cheers

  2. alls well, thanks for ur concern. glad u like this blog! we aim to entertain here ;)

    where is home? guess u mean kolkata? funny ... i thought i wrote in the post that i was, in a few days, for a few days ...

    the other blog is being sorted out. i'm trying to sort out all of them

  3. Or you can be indignant like me and not bother. It's an airy, if uninspired blogtemplatelifestyle.

    Is flying as much of a hassle there as it is in the U.S.? You can barely bring aboard your own body plasma here.

  4. Even I am being tempted to switch to beta all the time, or even worse LJ. Lets see.

  5. Welcome back and hope you have a great Christmas! :)

  6. i trid to switch to beta and it gave me the same mesg ..sheesh ..
    so ru comin to bbay as well ? may be this time we will get to meet ..

  7. Me too, me too (regarding blogger beta).
    And I am off to Delhi next week as well... short one for me, just 6 days.

  8. so r u in Kolkata right now...welcome back to India and enjoy ur vaccations...BTW who is "Bhadur Singh"...interesting name