I'm a Goddess! Yeah, Right!

I'm a Goddess (yeah, right!

Horoscope for the day says:

Believe it or not, you have a twin, and not an evil one, either. This 'twin' is more like an inner child. It's your double, the self you would be if you had no fears, anxieties or misconceptions. Access that energy now.

And how do you find her? Wish I knew ...
And what about this me? Like I had once said before, what happens to the thorns that we pare off as we shape ourselves into who we want to be?

New discovery: I love my notebook!


  1. I wish i had a twin. The kind who would do my assignments and give me boosts at 3am when the end is in sight but not really near. Hmm.

  2. Creativity is communion with that child within you. That's how you find him / her.

  3. howdy. wel these i never try to make heads or tails outta these horo(r)scopes. who writes this crap neways... though gluck finding tht twin

  4. Nice horoscope,Prero.:)Let me think..do I have a 'twin'?:)

  5. We all have twins, cosmique ones too and twine would bind :)

  6. Lemme know if you can find that twin. Would love to find mine so that when I get back home, there's warm food on the table, the washing is hung out to dry, the fridge is stocked, someone's picked up my ironing and there's someone on a similar wavelenght to chat to.

  7. twins..hmmm.now that's a neat idea

  8. how've you been prerona? haven't been around much and wanted to stop by and say hi.

  9. Dreamcatcher, ha ha! that kinds, i wish for too!

    E, is it?

    Khotta, :)

    AmitL, lol - thanks :)

    Casablanca, yes

    Cherie!, :)

    Prometheus_Unbound, urs does food?

    Phatichar, neat idea?

    M (tread softly upon), been busy busy busy with end of term - totally non busy now - with diff kinds of tension :)

    E, ?