leaving you

this should be routine by now.
the sorrow, the shame, the betrayal,
but somehow this time hurts more than ever before.
i dont know why. what will tomorrow bring?
i had burned all my bridges and
headed out towards a distant glimmering dream.
now as it shimmers and teases, and fades further
with each step i take,
and as my breath slowly ebbs,
and as i think of the time
i have remaining, and how ambitious my dreams,
i wonder where i'll end up in end.
what waits around the next bend?


  1. keep those dreams alive girl and don't worry about what is round the corner.

  2. the girl of a thousand blogs....

    hard to keep up with, shall have a read of this tomorrow :)

    need sleep now....getting old am i

  3. don't worry too much about what's around the corner just enjoy getting to the corner

  4. Somehow over the years i've learned to live for the present and not bother about whats-round-the-bend! And its given me a new perspective...

  5. in the end there is always death, so why do we humans keep on chasing our dreams?

  6. Wish I could have said that everything will work out.

    Whatever you do, don't let those dreams die. For when dreams die, everything dies.

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  8. Touching... Everything seems distant in your post except the sorrow that you keep so near your heart...

  9. Dream hard and they will come true - visualize your dream every day in the morning

  10. likewise gabby , haunting n beautiful

  11. dont worry. everythings' gonna be alright

  12. Echo gratisgab's comment: but want to add that you don't need to worry about what is coming up all the time --- hoga so dekha jayega!! :)

  13. hello...there's a quiet, deep sadness in your verses. i particularly like the first line of the last post: "I saved up..." i've always been one to be captured particularly by first line, everything else after that can only magnify the emotion and meaning. i just started a poetry blog and aptly enough, coming across yours was an inspiration.