A Year

while i stood there
face turned down, tucked into myself
crouched on my haunches
time sped past
now suddenly, outy of the blue
while i'm holding on to the rainiling to stop reeling
a voice floating down a line
reminds me its almost time
a year has passed us by
once more the fires will burn
but by now ur flesh is gone
i ate the rest and dropped the dust
this time its just that the fire'll burn
while i watch, while i light, while i tend, in turns
like waves that never reach the shore
i sob brokenly but it doesnt show
and its s till to private
to be shared
once more the skies will open
but this time the clouds are out of tears
this time only smoke will flow
floating up to the skies
from burning eyes
to try and find you
and ask, if u'll consider coming back
or taking me along ...

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