In Anger with the World

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sitting here, head on knees
staring into the dark,
amongst the litter of could-have-beens
that never went too far

the minutes and hours slip by heedless,
time: always running out too fast
and yet, days & years dont budge
the moment doesnt pass.

the world's shrunk to a room,
the light from between the bars,
the gates swing open, regular times,
the thoughts that never stray too far.

saturday finally comes round;
the day long weeks mark time towards.
so much hope invested,
careless, it comes and goes.

the prison becomes the home, the womb
helpless hands caress keys
too broken to lift to lock
to weak for release

starved stomach, mind and heart
relief's shock. freedom's fear
when finally the doors unlocked,
he was too broken to go near.

many decades have come and gone
countless taunted through window. countless rising suns
come in when tired, he's fallen to sleep
and marked another day on the wall

This started out as an idea - a picture of a man who is being released after months and years of imprisonment. he is too tired to feel anything. somewhere the thread got lost so it shall be shelved with the rest of the imcomplete stories at the story blog. Before dying, it gave birth to this, however :)

OST: The Master of Puppets

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