the fire ate my mommy
the tall-man took her away
the ashes made me blind
the cold made me freeze

they say there's life beyond this
but i dont want to move on
i dont want to leave this moment
the last where you belonged

i had friends and i had lovers
but people dissapoint
when there's pain and acid
and darknes inside, people only hide

bitter sweet
thats everything
i know it but i cant hold it
bittersweet, everyone. i know them but i dont

everyone wants something
everybody has an agenda
noone knows. noone understands
noone even cares

thought you were different for a while
till i saw ur traitors face
till i saw the dirt in ur eyes
till i saw thru ur little, low, lying mind

thought u were different for a while
till i saw ur smile
ur just another one of them
evil in disguise

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