random friday facts

The william dick memorial lecture by Steve Jones on 'Is man an animal' was a let down, I thought.

I wrote a new chapter on dolly, and started a new story - for which i need a old fashioned guy's name. Still in my head though.

Reading the Narnia books. Why are these kiddie books so full of profound facts? Or is it just that i find them so? Reminds me of Wind in the Willows, one of my favourites. Will quote two paragraphs (someday).

Incidentally, do you believe in magic?

If you could re-live your life, what would you change?

I have had some profound thoughts on free will and the Big Choice (while walking back from work) which I will write up (soon).

On a nonPC note, a friend keeps saying she's becoming more and more of a racist after coming here (to Rihcmond Place). I sympathise. Oh my little one, please come back to this world when your done, and dont make me follow you to that crazy place. lol. Okay. Sorry. Just dont start sayings 'anyways'. I'll be happy. Okay. Sorry again. Just kidding.

AnywaY, I'm compiling a list of "learnings in the last 14 years living away from home" to pass on.

Do I not 'get' stats because I hate it, or do I not love it because I dont get it?

updated my wishlist
but whats the point if i am forever-broke(n)?

Saw Jhoom Barabar. I know everyone is gonna hate it. But I thought it was cute, even besides the music. Reminded me of Love and Sex. That was cute! And funny. Didnt get waht the Big B was doing in it though? Although, it did remind of another spectator character. Coming today, isnt that ironic? Just the look on his face. Damn. Everytime I remember that I feel like someone walked over my grave. Which reminds me of a joke from this evenings talk: the creationist argument: 'you evolved, we were created'. paralelly, mine could never look like that. could never be that jealous.



  1. '"what would you change?" ...

    Would go back some 10 yrs and change a few things and go back some 4 yrs and make some wrongs right :) ...

    "14 years living away from home"
    you sound like a character out of Ramayan! :) ...'


    "Me thinks,

    1. Isn't it obvious, "Is man an animal?" If still in doubts, look around!

    2. Ram Prasad Dashrath Prasad Sharma. Would this do?

    3. Totally agree with you!

    4. And I believe in magic half the times. Other half I am trying to do magic in my life.

    5. My thesis is in stats. Everything is 'probability', even studies after that. Somehow I have even started to doubt, probablity of obtaining a heads of a coin toss is not 50%. (Do I need to say more :)!)"

    The Pilgrim

    "10 yrs back i wud've liked to be a more responsible kid (was an escapist evading tough times at home..am eternally guilty for that)..4 yrs back i wish i was less naive, life wudve been much different..or maybe not.."


  2. Old fashioned guy's name?How about'Champaklal'?or,if English,then,'the standard'John Smith'?I'd luv to believe in magic,and reliving the past..what I'd change?hahaha....might email u someday.Anywaysssss....:) looking forward to ur list of learnings..:)Perhaps I'll compile one,if urs is inspirational enuff.I quite liked the 'u evolved,we were created' line.

  3. What would I change?
    my choice of career cause I SUCK at it.

  4. soul in transit - and what if you suck at the new thing too?

  5. Oh no. I have already taken baby steps towards my new career and though I haven't achieved any success in the 'wordly manner' I consider myself to be wildly successful :)
    and if nothing works out my back up plan is to leave everything and go to some Buddhist monastery :P

  6. :) wish you success.
    but still hypothetically, were it not to work, and here i dont mean worldy succes (whatever you mean by that :)) but just general success?

  7. i'd change my life to become a musician! that's my wishlist too! don't want much now do i?

  8. Never thot of what I'd like to change.. Wd probably undo my marriage and keep the kids!! Live in rural India.. have a mango tree growing in my little garden, have a dog (a buff coloured lab, if possible).. career choice.. microfinance? architecture? teaching?