homesick blues

amaar paara, amaar ghor
amaar apon, amaar por

amaar joto kaachher lok
amaar dukkho, amaar shukh

amaar bachha, amaar boro,
shobai bodhai bhulei gelo!

amaar kukur, amaar haash
graamer baari, bhindi chaash!

bhor obdi chhat-er thek
alo elei amaar lake

laak-er paashe tomaar baari
haathte haathte eshe pori

amaader shei oboshor
kobe holo eto por

amaar ma, amaar bon
aar praaner bondhu: dujon

khaali paye chhute jawa
amaar parar pukhkawalla

dhum kore nam-e brishti
ma bolto jeno amaar raag :)

shomoy toh shob phuriye gelo
shob i kothay haariye gelo

abaar kobe baari jaabo?
abaar kothay baari jaabo ...

rasta kothay haariye gelo
por apon, apon por

yes, i kind of lost enthu at the end!
homesickness, making me mad.
and the madness of knowing
that there's a shelf-life on those little silver strings
that stretch out between body and soul (One, remember?),
when you first leave 'home'.

this time, the home-coming was the most serendipitous,
and the turning out heartbreaking-est.

(bahut be aabroo hokar ... ;))


  1. I don't speak bengali but totally get the homesick part :)

  2. amaar baadi. amaar pukur.

    now you know why I will never go back. never.

  3. Me homesick too..!! After seeing ur pics of home and family.. I peeked into my pictures folder as well..!!

  4. Perspective Inc, yes, I apologise to all my non bong readers! Actually some of the bong ones too bcz it's so hard to read bong written in english :)

    Austere, :)

    be brave my love. we must be brave and go back to yesterday in order to be free to soar in tomorrows ;)

    gyaan ... from ur kiddo :P

    love you

    Musings, yeah! I know the feeling! Nice homesick, or sad homesick?

  5. Awwww..hang in there, baby..time flies..and u'll be back soon.. :)

    odbhuth kobita.. :)

  6. Very pretty. I don't understand bangla but I think I got most of it right (will check notes with a Bengali friend out here). You have a beautiful and colourful world to return to. Quite a promise... :-) Your mother looks, if I may be so bold, quite ravishing. :-) Is this the post you wanted to do after seeing mine?

  7. very nice flickr badge prero.. didnt get the poem but it sounds very beautiful in a bhupen hazarika way :) ..

  8. Eroteme, Thanks.

    'Is this the post you wanted to do after seeing mine?' - I think so :)

    write2bfree, thanks love :)
    how's you? did you see the bye bye post? Reminds me of you and me and Pills at Buggi's place discussing your pending departure to the US of A. God those days seems so long ago man! :)

  9. ricercar.. nice homesick.. full of anticipation. will be be home in Bangalore in a month from today!!!