Free Will

Really looking forward to this talk. Thanks to Alexis, else I might have just missed! Daniel Dennett - Is science showing that we don't have free will? But wasnt there something about fruitflies and free will recently?

Looking forward to this one too: Is Man Just Another Animal? By Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at UCL.

Incidentally, this was interesting: Neanderthal brain less troubled @ remote central

And this: "Lifeshirt" can probe status of the mind


  1. YeHIIIIII I'm in!!! Free Will? Must have been what made me come here! HEHEHEHE
    Oh the thinks we think...coincides with the tree in the forest making a very loud tootie when no one is around...hmm, I wonder!! ;-0}

    Good to see you Pre, you're a sweetie pie!!!

  2. heyloo , dropped in to say hi.. how is it going ?

  3. Peggie!!! :) You're in allright! Welcome back love!

    Good to see you too :) Missed ya around :)

    Hey Rich!!! Been a while. It's going baby, thats all. And you? I loved that last post by the way. I could identify with so much of it too :)