The God's of Google

I would normally get mad, but I keep getting distracted by how cool it is. I wrote a mail to someone with some bengali words in it and it comes up with a bangladeshi chat room ad. It's getting to a stage where I sit and think of email content I could write and then look at the ads that come up, try to think of how they would make the connection.

Incidentally, thinking of the thought powered wheel chair, and other such mind to machine interfaces that have come up since then, what would be the reverse of that interface? Scary ..., no?

I am trying to remember the name of this poet who was very disturbed by Darwin's theory and everything that followed. I always find myself on the otherside of the fence in these arguments, but truth be told, I feel sad about it myself.

Nothing? There must be something? Yet, I dont see how there could be!

And then, for a different kind of annoying-awesome conflict, check this out: the manners phone from eureka


  1. Yaay to Natural Language Processing! :)

  2. thats funny - I dont look at the ads at all. Nothing to get mad about - you probably signed your life away when you clicked the check box on that privacy statement.

  3. haha...Ricercar,not to fret...that's just one of the drawbacks of the net...popping ads.:)just keep clicking the 'x' to delete them..if not,be alarmed-there's probably a trojan in ur PC.:)

  4. when it first happened it was "woah my privacy you (*#@(#*()#" but then i figured no one is really all that interested in my mails anyways..sigh lowering thought.

  5. "what would be the reverse of that interface? Scary ..., no?"

    Arent these already there...just a little subtler...movies, books, movements...products of ppl to influence other ppl's minds:)..

    And yea abt gizmos doing that, there was this book by Robin Cook called 'Mind bend' whose theme is on the lines of what you find scary..

  6. The reverse of that interface is The Matrix.

  7. the reverse of it would be stymied and out-synched by power-outs,thunder storms and natual/manmade calamity.

    but if it could learn and integrate this, we could worry.