Strange coincidences. It rained yesterday. Properly. With a passion. Reminded me of Calcutta (and SA, and dubai too actually - so many rain memories! So it's raining again, and I am reading Tropic of Capricorn again. Reminded me of this post, its one of my favourites: Kal Baishakhi

I have a story. I am really excited about this one. But me being me, I dont know when I will start filling in the skeleton. Maybe this will be another stillborn like Dolly or the Rahul/Priya story :)

Saw Lives of Others. It was really, really brilliant.


  1. Beautiful. Simply amazingly beautiful. I am dying to write a post on this. Of course, will link to yours!! :-)

  2. Thank you :) I look forward to that post! Should be inspired :D

  3. Kemonacho!? Is this in Edinburgh?