strengths and weaknes

the thing i hate most about myself is that i cant say no. i have hurt more people more out of pity and empathy, than by any of my legendary tempers or frost sessions. i do remember how i myself used say that "the worst insult you can give another fellow human being is to pity them". that was the first of my great "sayings" as a friend used to say. but all that changed as i grew. guilt has many manifestations. the growing burden of remorse, or is it just fear? I dont know why, but each little bit kinder i get, in a way, the worse kind of person i think i am becoming


  1. i think i know what you mean. but i've really had learnt how to do that and to some extent i can now. but you know what...that remorse is always in you. whether you hurt by saying NO or not saying it.

  2. LOL, I had you pegged all wrong Jap lady astronaut. You are a zen Phillosopher too. True, sometimes the way you can hurt someone really badly is by being kind to them.

    BTW, why do you keep deleting your posts?

  3. Khotta, Hey! Havent seen you here for some time :)

    I'm great! Had a good holiday. And now I'm back to the grind :)

    Prometheus_Unbound, Hey! Why do you guys love the present continuous so much! LOL. What did I delete now, sweetie? Leave me your email id and I will ask your permission the next time I delete ;)

  4. I have learnt the hard way that its better to be rude and honest than kind and dishonest to self and all.