Love Songs

I keep telling myself I should be sadder,
but my exuberance is spilling over!

Is my gaurd, my wall, slipping?
Have I forgotten, I'm still in mourning?

It's been just two years and a quarter.
The pyre still burns steadily over.

Besides, why should I rejoice?
Yet, I can hardly still this voice!

Once more, a nothing will be unsung.
Just a verse, is not a song.


  1. a verse isn't a song but the begging of one and beginnings come after endings don't they but are there realy any endings?

    cool poem hon.
    sorry to have been absent for sooooooo long.

  2. If beginnings come after endings, then it would be the beginning of a different thing, right? Else, the ending would have been such a waste! No?

    Yes you have been absent for a while :D What you been upto?

  3. p- struck the right mood and balance- it's so hard to read blogs now- will be back sometime.