Madcap Dreams

I woke up to you staring at me
Perched at the corner of my bed

I dont know your name,
or who you are, friend, foe, passing noone

You bring a touch of desperate restlessness
You tickle my gypsy feet

I wake up with a itch I cannot place
That I could not reach, that I cannot scratch

You are as unshakable, as you are elusive
As strong as you are nameless and unknowable

Everyday sensed, never felt
You are the uncapturable

If I could put my finger on it
I would know you, crazy, shapeless madness

Are you just madcap, come finally
I know he has many faces.

I can see the words frozen on your face.
You cant find the words, or strength,

to form them across the space between us
and i cant read, or trust in, what might not even be there

every now and then i think i see you
and then again time passes and its not there

it leaves me feeling a madness, a strange desperation
it leaves me with a breathless restless anticipation

i'm going crazy, but i dont know what of
You bring a touch of desperate restlessness

You play with my half mad mind
you make me dream of silly things, see phantoms in the daylight

i'm scared of this feeling and its growing
the underline of ecstacy apart

i need to get past this whirlpool un-sucked-in
in need to get past this night alive

i need to be calm and friendly
the underline of indifference is what's hard

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