love, or something like it

in most womens lives, there are atleast three men
the one she loves. the one who loves her. and the safest bet.
any or all can be manifested in one person,
be absent, be imaginary, yet to appear, in trial, or absent.

if a lot of people love you, you cannot
love everyone who loves you.

sometimes, some people bore you so lethally,
that however fond of them you are, or however sorry you feel for them,
or however much you want to, or however hard you try,
its impossible to love them.

i have often thought that some people have an aptitude for joy. they are happy whatever the circumstance. the reverse is also true.

i think the same is true for love, and in relationships.

its possible to oscillate between the two ends or,
live somewhere in between.


  1. ".. somewhere in between". i like that. good place to be.

  2. i oscillate, perpetually, from extreme to extreme :)