the weekend that was:

My horoscope says for today: Scorpio, ACCESS EVERYTHING YOU have ever learnt and put it all into action, then see where you want to go with more clarity than you have ever had before. Bah! Its always saying stupid things like that which could mean the world or nothing!

This sounded so nice in my head ... then between thought and paper, something was lost.

Been feeling nostalgic and sentimental: like I can smell a change on its way, borne upon the wind.

Nice weekend. Studied. Read. Cooked. Ate. Sat in the sun, with some cherised old memories, having taken them out to air, before I cleaned, polished and put them away again, for the winter, carefully packed with mothballs and dried flowers. Watched "Touching the Void", "Thin Red Line","Prelude to a kiss" and was enchanted by "Stand by Me". Its based on a Stephen King book called "The Body". Not his usual genre. A small story about 4 twelve year old boys who set off to find a dead body in the woods (of course the boy i liked the best would have to die, eventually. and for good measure, the actor as well ... River Phoenix). Called home: talked to Mom, Dad & my baby sister.

late on sunday afternoon, called a friend and asked her to meet me on Princes street for some 'shopping'. good lure. she loves it. i hate it. she knows. lured her into starbucks for some lazy gossip. we didnt shop ...

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