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Ghost from the past: had a phonecall from an old friend. Where are you calling from? A booth in Delhi. Someone I have written about often. He used to threaten to flush me down the toilet when he was 11 and I was 1 ... that old.

We drift in and out of touch, all of us. Bonds so strong, so magical, yet we stretch and pull them. Some stretch and then pull us back again. Some snap and break. Maybe it really does depend on the quality of the connection, because I dont even notice the ones that snap. Its much harder for me to make casual friendships than the average guy, yet much easier to make those immense, meaningful friendships where you really love, than the average guy. As a corollary, its hard to keep constantly in touch with all of even my inner circle of friends. I come and go (like the kkk KC ... another blast from the past). Some accept it and let me. Some dont and make me. Some just walk away.

Yet, inspite of it all, in some ways theres never anyone for anyone, really, is there? When you most want to talk, you wont find a listener. What you most want to share, noone will understand. When ur most hurt, noone will care. So why have friends? The JAP's were right: we all need somebody to love.

I really want to do a post on some new blogs I have discovered: they are really great. Maybe next week. For now, the guru of verse is back & I really liked this post from UC: the youngest human being I know & also, these:
Aparna, Nightfly, Chris & STARK

This last week my 'self' has been acting really strange. I woke up late(er). Broke my diet several times. Shopped for non-essentials twice and today have been horsing around the office all day cracking jokes with people I'd shiver in shoes to say hello to, usually. I daydream all day and stare into space. My output censor board is napping. My discipline enforcer is on holiday. I think my entire admin department is on strike. As a proper Scorpio I dutifully oscillate between all extremes, never touching the middles, but I havent seen this one in ages ... I smell something coming, its in the wind.

This morning as I left home for my morning run, 4:45 am it was - and dark as the night, I heard a eerie wail from down the street. A man and a woman, who looked like they hadnt been home yet, were having quite a show down. Impressive volume with the lady's voice. Considered saying excuse me, we need marshalls at our head races next w/e - would you consider to helping out?

Big sale at the Virgin! Bought a load of music, that I definitely knew I didnt need as soon as the guy at the counter told me the total ... but the Essential Ozzy is quite nice, and so is Damien Rice.

A interesting story on Calcutta from rediff - ignore his (mis)spelling. More and more everyday I am forced to realise, everyone has a personal copy of this city. Mine is so different from yours, but whichever way it is, once you've lived in it, it lives in you forever.

Interesting: How the brain sleeps (system processes on standby)

This seemed like the hottest topic in blogosphere yesterday and this what some celebs think: Why Paheli was selected to represent India in the Oscars: A Paheli. the word 'paheli' means riddle in 'indian'. Heated argument on Patrix's blog, I disagreed on a certain commenter's viewpoint but in the end could not muster up the energy to argue it. Typically. Why should China be forced to send Shaolin vs Ninja when it has exquisite movies like Spring time in a small town, just because it smells more like an american chinese takeaway, or conforms more to an avg american's image of what China should look like in film?

Interesting post by Kaps: Caught red handed

In other news, we are going mercurial, and maybe MahaRam? Whassat? Nevermind.

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