Last night's TV: Dylan on BBC

BBC is celebrating a dylan season and this was a part of it:Arena. No Direction Home

For me Dylan has always been 'controversial', meaning I could never make up my mind about him. So many of the songs I like, when I trace them back, turn out to be written by him. Yet, I dont like them that much when I hear him play them.

Anyway, this show was more abt him than his music (once more bringing us back to the same point ... Immortality ... they are more interested in you than your Art, the *&%@'s), but the highlight, for me was when they showed this concert where he comes onstage and tries to sing like a rolling stone with electric, with really sad results, and gets quite badly booed by the audience. After the show, when asked about it he says "actually, i look at booing in perspective. it is possible to kill with too much kindness".

Other interesting quotes: When asked if he mainly thought of himself as a musician or a poet he reacts 'I like to think of myself as a song and dance man'. Or, this man in the audience, with a slightly defensive air, asks him 'i know u hate labels, but for us, definitely past 30 people, how would u label urself / music' and he says 'i think i would label myself as definitely below 30' and everyone laughs. Made me feel quite 'grownup' ... not sure if in a nice way!

Incidentally expert advice from Runners World on staying motivated ... choose the cutest running partner you can find :@)

Was talking about cliches abt countries in class and I thought, the whole world, the whole of society, is so different and we look at one little part of it and just blindly assume thats the all of it: just like the blind men and elephant. Actually, this is reference/ reaction to something entirely different, so ignore me.
Flag football this friday!!! Woke up listening to the old Lobo song: "who do u tell if u dont have a friend? these are the things that bother me. not a lot of thing across some sea" and the new pictures from Iraq. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true ... and never again say you wish you cried easy. i do.

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