old-age wasteland

the rolls on

no flowers grow here
no life lives here

once the sun shone,
now she has dried up.
once the rain fell,
now he is dead.

smoke rises from the ground.
the sky rains fire down.

every face is unfound
every friend turns around
a melted corpse of decaying meat
a fading, pulsing, crying beat

reach out a hand
fingers touch a rotting mass
and the corpse will throw u to the ground
grinning skeletons wil dance around

mad ritual dances
inverted romances

crazy shadows in ur brain
stupid cut, bled, ribboned & dried
in the ghost of the long dead sun
alone and on the run

love: a lie
faith: a trick
hope: a joke
dreams: satire

i'll be there, always.
i'll never do anything that hurts, ever.

not empty words,
the demon's tricks, in reverse.
dirty verse
hidden barbs
and pointed words
crazily grinning
spears shining
the demon dances
over my defeated dream.

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