a smear of red
deep and a dark

a splash of blood
from a bleeding smile

from dry lips,
hardened by time

on a face crusted, frozen, numbed
by the hours, the days, the years ...

by life
by the search
by the hunger and thirst
by the seeking

eyes that have been trained on the horizon, searching
so long and so hard, that finding, they swell like the ocean

a sigh, a murmer, so delicate
that its lost in the winds embrace

as the river,
tired, stumbling,
breaking, coming apart
falls into to ocean.

i only just made it this far.

i only just made it to you.

take me in u now, and save me
save me from myself, and my mind
take me far away, dont heed me
save me fom my walls, break them down

now. and set me free.

kill me,
and we'll live happily.
once again.

take the bags,
from my hands
they ache and bleed now.

everything that i have seen
everything that i have borne
everything that i have stayed strong through
everything that i have shrugged away

each hour, each day, each year
each tear
left a little salt ...
thats in the bags

these eyes have seen such dirt in mens souls
these ears have heard such tales of pain and sin
these lips have smiled and laughed
with the worst of them all

forgive me
clean me
heal me

take the visions and their echos
from my eyes

take away,
the residue
of the years

turn you, into a mirage,
a trick of tired eyes,
a lie of aching mind,
a dream of weary heart;
turn you, into a mirage,
and i die ...

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